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Every time you book commercial or domestic window cleaning services from P&T Service Ltd. in West Ealing (W13 area), we’ll send you qualified and experienced window cleaners with high-tech cleaning equipment!

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Affordable Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaners in West Ealing (W13 area of North part of London)

For cleaning windows of a large high building one needs to be quite sure that the staff is equipped with all sorts of tools and machines required. The process starts by an employee (professinal window cleaner from P&T Service Limited) checking that the pulley to take the cleaner down is safe and sound. This is then counter checked by the supervisor. This required double check because this carries the highest level of risk as in case the pulley is broken then the cleaner life would be at risk.

The process of cleaning huge building in West Ealing requires ample planning and patience. Lacking any of these two traits might hinder the process of window cleaning. The window cleaner is then given the bucket with water mixed with washing powder and a viper. These things hang with the pulley or log on which the cleaner sits. The washing powder might be something like chemical or special window cleaning agents. Goods companies like ours use special material which not only clean the dusty windows but also bring a good shine. The use of such chemicals might be costly but they give benefits that are much more than the cost of chemicals.

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