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Why P&T Service Limited?

Every time you book commercial or domestic window cleaning services from P&T Service Ltd. in Kensington (W8 area), we’ll send you qualified and experienced window cleaners with high-tech cleaning equipment!

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We offer excellent prices and flexible rates for our window cleaning services.

Axa Business Insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance: £5,000,000
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance: £10,000,000

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaner Providers

A clean place promotes a healthy atmosphere in the office. Employees are happier and more inclined to do more work in a clean environment. A filthy environment is not only a big turn-off it also puts the employees’ health at risk. For instance, employees with history of allergies or asthma may fall ill due to dusty carpets.

Employees do not need to have Window Cleaning on top of their designated job responsibilities. Doing some cleaning tasks will take their focus away from their jobs making them less productive. Thus having a commercial window cleaner provider complete the job will enhance productivity as workers focus on their designated jobs.

Kensington window cleaner frpm P&T Service Ltd. understand that a clean workplace is also conducive to productivity. It will be hard to work if there is so much dirt or clutter inside the office. Clean windows make the employees feel bright and eager to do their tasks.

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